I, Voyager


The Planetarium is a Progressive Web App! This means you can install the Planetarium from the web page. Look for the Install icon that will appear in your URL bar a little while after the app loads (installation is a little different depending on browser). Or just bookmark it. Revisits will load much faster now due to better browser caching.

We want to support mobile devices in the future. For now, this will work only on a desktop or reasonably powerful laptop. Just follow the link below…

v0.0.18 (released March 15, 2024) using Godot 4.2.1.
Be aware, the link will start a large download…

If an error occurs and you’ve previously installed an earlier version, try uninstalling the app (check the box “Also delete data from…”). Then try the link again.

The Planetarium is in “alpha” development. We would greatly value your feedback so we can continue to improve. Please support this effort at our Github Sponsor’s Page!

I, Voyager is designed to be extended and improved by the community! See the About page for information.