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  • By the way, I found an awesome example of godot library tutorials.
    in Tutorials Comment by croxis June 2021
  • Should probably wait for my coffee to pick in. I've updated the source so scale is in unit_defs const METER := 1e-9Does that mean there are 1e9 meters per engine unit, or 1e9 engine units per meter? EDIT: tangential question: Is there a particular pathway (planned or existant) for importing assets like spacecraft into the…
  • (distract while typing, sorry about grammar) A better solution for rendering different surface types are texture maps. Earth is the best example as we have the most diverse surface: Ice, liquid, continents, and glowing city lights at night. Most of this could be done by a reflection (specularity [sp]), glow maps (city…
  • I have some code that converts star surface temperature to RGB color space to simulate blackbody emissions: https://github.com/croxis/SpaceDrive/blob/master/spacedrive/utils/blackbody.py
  • The goal is to recreate the effects of atmospheres during daytime and at the terminators. Earth is blue sky during the day, red at the terminator. Mars is reddish pink during the day, and blue skys during sunset/rise. Its a combenation of light scattering based on the composition of the atmosphere as well as rayleigh and…
  • I'm looking at making a FOSS and in-browser Simple Rockets/Kerbal Space Program like game for my physics students as we are going to be missing out on our rocketry unit this year. I'm going to clamp craft and celestial movement to 2d for their sake. I've been playing flight sims since wing commander 2, these kids can…
  • Thank you! When I was fiddling with Panda3D I did a lot of similar tricks. I kept the camera at the origin (or behind a ship at the origin) and translated object locations. For point 2 I struggled with the camera distance properties. Rendering a ship in LEO, the Earth, and the sun were really problematic. I ended up…