v0.0.5-alpha released!

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All changlogs can be found here.
This version requires the newly released Godot 3.2.


  • Improved Planetarium GUI visibility control. GUI won't disapear when mouse in margin between GUI and screen edge.
  • Full screen toggle (Shift-F) hides/shows all GUI for Planetarium.
  • Planetarium uses common MainMenu rather than its own menu. This allows add-ons or other external code to use MainMenu API to add buttons for Planetarium.
  • Copyright notices updated for 2020.
  • Fixed "Hide HUD when close" option to work without restart.
  • Renamed ivoyager directories: "system_tree" & "system_refs" to "tree_nodes" & "tree_refs".
  • Made tree processing more logical: TreeManager subscribes to Timekeeper, calls tree_manager_process() for VoyagerCamera and then Body instances.

API breaking changes

  • Removed VoyagerCamera "processed" signal.
  • Removed GregorianTimekeeper; its functions & members have been consolidated into its parent class Timekeeper.
  • Changed signature & return value for SaverLoader.debug_log() function. This is a fix for the free-standing Procedural Saver/Loader 1.1 in the Godot Asset Library.

3.2 compatibility fixes

  • Fixed GUI widgets to work with 3.2 button signal changes. (Not compatible with Godot 3.1.2!)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed body momentary disappearance during camera move (due to not updating near property).
  • Fixed giant sun when loading game that was fully zoomed out.
  • Fixed date/time display when loading game that was paused.
  • Fixed Timekeeper.convert_date_time_string().
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