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v0.0.3-alpha released!

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Changelogs are always available here.


(Now using Godot 3.1.2.)

* Many new GUI widgets. The idea here is to make existing "functional elements" (e.g., a set of related buttons) into self-contained scene widgets for easy use in project-specific GUI. This will be done on an as-needed basis.
* Added new "planetarium-style" GUI. This is now default in the Planetarium project. Both "game-style" and "planetarium-style" are in the core submodule, so can be used by any project. PlanetariumGUI is cleaner and less "gamey".
* Added missing selection functions. You can navigate almost entirely now with Shift-arrows, P, Shift-P, M, Shift-M, etc. (see Hotkeys/Selection)
* Use class const GLOBAL_ENUM or GLOBAL_ENUM_2 to add listed enums to Global.enums.
* Added project setting Global.asteroid_mag_cutoff_override. This can overide mag_cutoff for all groups normally set in data/solar_system/asteroid_group_data.csv (the table uses mag_cutoff=15 for most groups but a less restrictive setting for Near-Earth and Mars-Crossers). With asteroid_mag_cutoff_override = 15.0, you will have 64,738 total asteroids. With 100.0, you'll have all 647,000 asteroids! ("Larger" magnitude is smaller object so less restrictive!)

* Most old GUI widgets work a little differently.
* Renamed "COPYRIGHT.txt" to "3RD_PARTY.txt" in all repositories. "COPYRIGHT" was interfering with GitHub recognition our Apache 2.0 license in LICENSE.txt. Also, "3RD_PARTY" is a better description of the contents.
* Many Controls such as MainMenu, MainProgBar and others are now safely removable.
* Renamed "HUD2dControl" to "HUD2dSurface" and moved from wrong directory to gui_admin.
* Widget DateTime displays date/time text in red when time runs in reverse.
* Removed InfoPanel and the wiki subpanel. This was for a couple reasons: 1) InfoPanel was confusingly coded, 2) the Planetarium now links directly to Wikipedia, so no need to maintain large text files. (Post in the forum if you want previous code for your project.)
* Changes in asteroid shaders to allow WebGL1 export.
* Stars brightened up (in new 0.0.3 ivoyager_assets).
* Minor color adjustments & special adjustments for planetarium web deployment (GLES2 is darker than GLES3).
* Planetarium skips the splash screen.

API-breaking changes
* Changes to VoyagerCamera "VIEWPOINT_" enums.
* Renamed several GUI widgets.
* Moved some public vars from Main to Global (ivoyager_version, project_version, is_modded).
* There was a directory name change from "gui_in_game" to "gui_game". This isn't technically API-breaking, but it may mess you up if you have hard-coded paths to the old directory and update ivoyager submodule.
* Project vars in Global that specified directory paths with "/ivoyager_assets/" were moved into the Global.asset_paths dictionary.
* Removed class_name and SCENE constant for almost all GUI widgets. These should mostly be built using the scene editor. A few are still callable by class_name including OneUseConfirm.
* Removed EnumGlobalizer (functionality moved to Global.project_init()).
* Renamed SelectionItem "SelectionType" to "SelectionTypes".

Bug fixes
* Fixed var shadowing error.
* Fixed asteroid visibility save/load persistence.
* Fixed error in AsteroidGroup.max_apoapsis calculation.

Planetarium web-deployment note
Repository ivoyager_planetarium has a new branch "web-deployment". This branch is periodically rebased onto master. It has one commit that changes some project.godot settings, for example, to use GLES2 rendering. There is a different (reduced) assets directory "ivoyager_assets_web" that is intended for use in web deployment.

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