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I, Voyager will be released under Apache License 2.0

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...contrary to earlier statements elsewhere.

Last minute panic attack. Apache 2.0 has more words than the MIT Licence, so it must be better...right?

I, Voyager is still free to use including distribution in commercial projects.

There's some discussion of Apache licence here and here. The second link describes the scenario where an open-source contributor patents code they have contributed, then sues another developer that distributes the open-source software with that contribution. Apache 2.0 is supposed to protect open-source developers from that kind of scenario.

FWIW, the Free Software Foundation agrees that Apache 2.0 is a "free software licence"; the OpenBSD project disagrees and "argues that when the license forces one to give up a legal right that one otherwise has, that license is no longer free" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apache_License).
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