I, Voyager is on Twitter & Facebook

I, Voyager is on Twitter & Facebook

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You can find us now on Twitter and Facebook! Our handle on both is @IVoygr. Well… I’ve been tweeting and facebooking for one week and we have 24 and 9 followers, respectively. Is that good? Heck if I know. It has not ruined my quality of life (yet) or done too much damage to my ego. I’ll keep at it. Speaking of which…

I need you to promote us!

I, Voyager needs users, testers and developers! Please help me grow the community. Follow us, like us, share us, retweet us, signal boost us, link to us, blog about us, signup for posts by email and forward them, tell your human flesh friends about us, write down ivoyager.dev on scraps of paper and pin them to coffee shop boards next to the restroom. Whatever medium is best for you. I, Voyager needs a community behind it to reach its potential!

I, Voyager screen capture of Jupiter and Io viewed from Europa.

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